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How long does it takes to get the order?
In the case of the items in stock, the delivery period of the order is 48 hours in working days. Non-working days do not compute at this estimated delivery time. For example, if an order is made on Friday, Saturday and Sunday do not compute and will begin to manage on Monday (in the event that this is not festive). In some of our products the date of delivery is superior. If you have any questions you can contact us by email info@xiuxiu.cat
What forms of payment are available?
- Debit or credit card - PayPal account -Bank transfer: BANCO SABADELL: SE59 0081 0137 2700 0167 6474 (send receipt to info@xiuxiu.cat)
Can I get the invoice of the purchase?
If you need the invoice of your order, please send us your details via info@xiuxiu.cat or contact form.
Can I pick up the order at some point of sale?
If you want to pick up the order from XiuXiu's offices, send an email to info@xiuxiu.cat.
Can I return or change the product?
Yes, there is a period of 15 days to make the returns as long as they follow the conditions that are in the LEGAL notice of our web.


What kind of paper XiuXiu use?

XiuXiu postcards are made with Japanese ecological paper, with minimal environmental impact. The minimum impact is a concept that aims to avoid the large quantity of pollution on the nature and the non-damage of the vegetation. As its name indicates, impact on the environment the minimum possible.

We are totally in favour of this cause, so we want the acquisition of our first subjects to be in accordance with our values. Paper manufacturing comes 100% of forests planted with certification from the supplier company, such as the sustainable area of Satoyama that works with Hokuetsu Monte Co. Ltd. And that’s how we make our postcards XiuXiu!

Which are our fair trade philosophy?

Fair Trade is a way of understanding trade in which, above the economic profit, the most important thing is about the relationship between producers and consumers. This alternative form trade is promoted by several organizations, by the organization of the United Nations and by a multitude of social movements. For XiuXiu Fair Trade is a way to contribute to the development the economic of underdeveloped regions in Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc.

These principles of fair trade are summarized in 10 points:

  1. Voluntary labor and in no case minor of the legal age to work.
  2. Perception of a dignified wage on the part of the workers.
  3. Production in working days that respects the holidays and the rest periods.
  4. Promotion of safety policies and prevention of occupational hazards.
  5. Right of workers to freely associate and syndicate.
  6. The existence of rganitzations where the voice of the workers is respected.
  7. Recognition of workers rights to collective bargaining with the company.
  8. Non-discrimination of of sex, race, skin color, religion, etc.
  9. Respect for the environment during production processes.
  10. The production companies are involved with social development.