Do you know who else is capable of creating memories? We tell you with music!

June 21: classes are over and we celebrate it with a lot of rhythm! Why? Because… today is International Music Day.

Since 1985, the European Union has celebrated a day dedicated to cultural exchange between territories through music.

This art that orders the sounds, is vital! And like XiuXiu postcards, create memories! While we write them on paper, the music does it with its melody. The memories evoke sensations, moments of the past and the most special people.


With whom we have very good memories (and a better present) is with Edmon Bosch, the opportunity hunter of XiuXiu, who has found a very valuable and wants to share it with all of us: music. Edmon is a professional cellist and director of FacturaMúsica, a non-profit project that aims to support various musical initiatives, financing social work linked to music. FacturaMúsica is another of the projects that demonstrate that XiuXiu has passionate people, always eager for opportunities and who believe in people.

Edmon tocant musica per XiuXiu

When asked what it meant for him, he emphasized the phrase of the renowned Valencian flute player Magdalena Martínez: “Music is the most direct art. Enter by ear and go straight to the heart.” If this isn’t passion …

As for Edmon, music means a lot to us all. It helps us to awaken those feelings that we sometimes believed hidden, associate them with emotions and stimulate us. But how many consequences can it have in us? The results of Neuroscience and Human Cognition studies by the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig (Germany) showed that some Alzheimer’s patients didn’t recognize their name. Instead, they recognized the songs that once thrilled them. This is a very good way to demonstrate the power of music in our moods.

Edmon tocant musica per XiuXiu

From XiuXiu we encourage you to be excited about music, to enjoy every day of it. We want to make you feel good and create memories with us, so we leave you a wonderful piece and we encourage you to start to enjoy it because, as Martinez said, it reaches the heart.

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