Monthly Archives: May 2017

Navigating, we have discovered the best find…

We take advantage of this special day to introduce you to the fastest, most resistant and prepared to sail the seas: the Drakkar! Well, not all … Our boat will not be able to do all this, but it will draw the biggest smile you’ve ever had today when you give XiuXiu Drakkar to your […]

Are you worthy of the Iron Throne? Test yourself!

XiuXiu to all! Today Thursday 25th of May we are celebrating again, because today is… Freak’s Pride Day!!! You will be thinking: “if I am freak every day of the year”, but to be celebrated today is a very special occasion: the same day, in 1977 the first film was released for the first time […]

We have Catalonia plenty of trees of life!

XiuXiu again! Today we are very happy because today May 24, is the European Day of Natural Parks. In the previous post we told you where this day comes from and told you the story of one of the most significant postcards we have: the Tree of Life, which has its origin in the Montseny […]

What the nature taught us…

Today we are celebrating! What day is today? Well, nothing less than the European Day of Natural Parks. This celebration is a homage promoted by the Europarc Federation, commemorating the declaration of the first European national park in Sweden on May 24, 1909. On this special day, it is already tradition to promote support for […]