The reason for the green wave in Saint Patrick’s…

17th of March. Do you know what day is today? Saint Patrick’s Day!

Let’s play! Close your eyes and think in Ireland. Your mind is flooding green, right? Its landscapes, the colors of the flag, the colors of its football team… Now, think in one of the most important days of the year for the Irish people: today. Did you realize that your mind has not changed the color?

This is because on this commemorative day the streets are flooded by people dressed in green and the clover flood the squares. Are you still green and you do not know what day we are talking about? We tell you!

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But, who was St. Patrick and why do we celebrate it? 

March 17 is the Irish patron saint party. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated, Irish landlord. They celebrate the day of Maewyn Succat (because it was not really called Patrick), a man who was not canonized (therefore, can not be saint) and been born in Britania (no, nor is Irish). But will this stop us from having a good time today? Absolutely not!

St. Patrick was a very Christian man and when he arrived to Ireland, he became a missionary. The legend says that the place where the cathedral of Dublin is nowadays, is where Patrick baptized the parishioners. He was a very passionate man, and this is transmitted very easily, as he is known to be an introducer of the Christian religion to a land that until now was pagan.

How did he do it? How was Patrick able to explain something as complex as Christianity and do it so well? We could say that it was a matter of luck, but not. We would not go wrong because he did it thanks to an element that today also relates to luck…

The Shamrock! (clover to the public)

St. Patrick used a clover to help explain the metaphor of the Trinity, where from a single court three different leaves appear, in the same way that from one God leaves the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This has made this plant become a synonym of patriotism in Ireland, and that it is the color by which the Irish form a green wave every March 17 and fill the streets of their colors… Well, this and because the legend says that if they do not dress in green on that day an elf will pinch them.

Si no ho feu, no us pessigarem, però us animem a sortir al carrer avui, a celebrar aquesta festa cada cop més internacional; però sobretot, a cercar incansablement aquest símbol de la bona sortSi en trobeu un amb quatre fulles estareu regalant esperança, fe, amor i bona sort. I si no en trobeu, ja sabeu, sempre podreu regalar una postal XiuXiu i també estareu regalant el millor de vosaltres.

If you do not do it, don’t worry, but we encourage you to go out on the street today to celebrate this increasingly international celebration; but above all, to seek tirelessly this symbol of good luck… If you find one with four leaves you will be giving away hope, faith, love and good luck. And if you do not find it, you know, you can always gift a XiuXiu card and you will also be giving the best of you.

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