The ecology of natural parks is what makes everything possible

European Day of Natural Parks: how XiuXiu takes care of nature and promotes ecology.

Ecology is a key element in our natural parks, but also one of the fundamental values of XiuXiu. Taking care of nature is vital in the work we do in day to day work. So one day we want to add to this battle in favour of the environment. And disseminate, together, awareness about the topic.
As always, we put a little in context. This commemoration was born in Sweden in 1840, after becoming aware of the importance of forest resources. Since then, there is a need to disseminate the knowledge and practice of long-term care for the environment.
Today we want to talk about the benefits of trees, the role they play for all of us. Because they make it possible for XiuXiu to exist. Trees are the suppliers of paper memories that you share with loved ones. For all this, today we want to explain how we appreciate nature that we can all receive these memories.
Postal Arbre de la Vida
Tree of Life card



The XiuXiu postcards are made with Japanese ecological paper, with minimal environmental impact.

But what is this role? XiuXiu works with Paper Kishu, a Japanese organization that has high-quality paper. It also participates in practices that give priority to the environment. That’s why we like both his philosophy: “We want a prosperous society that maintains a harmonious relationship between man and nature.”

Minimum impact paper

For all this, it uses minimal impact paper. The “minimal impact” aims to avoid in great quantity the pollution of nature. In this way, the damage of the vegetation is reduced. As the name suggests, impact on the environment as little as possible.
We are totally in favour of this cause, so we want the acquisition of our raw materials to be in accordance with our values. The manufacture of the paper provides 100% of forests planted with the certification by the supply company, such as the sustainable area of Satoyama that works with Hokuetsu Forest. And this is how we make our XiuXiu postcards!
Postal Arbbre de la Vida
Tree of Life card

Details of the Tree of Life card

We do not know if you believe in the myth of the indispensable list of things to do before dying. They would be “have a child, write a book and plant a tree.” Today we change it. Having children or writing books we leave it to you, but respecting a tree is in the hands of all.

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