The indestructible role of women in Vietnam, the key to fair trade

It is never too late to claim the role of women and their importance in society. And from XiuXiu we want to do it to thank the women of Vietnam, the same ones that make it possible for XiuXiu postcards to be so special. Because postcards tell stories, and ours contain the stories of each and every one of the women that are part of this project.

The woman in Vietnam

Woman assembling a XiuXiu card in Vietnam
Woman assembling a XiuXiu card in Vietnam
Women are a key element of the Vietnamese economy. In 2011, 73.2% of employment was represented by the women’s sector. Despite this very positive fact, the conditions that are hidden behind it are not so much. The activity they devote most to is agricultural production, which is the most important sector of agricultural civilization based on the wet rice harvest. This means that, in spite of being essential in the development of the country, they do not dedicate themselves to other types of tasks, since the percentage of women schooled is far inferior to that of men.
This lack of education is partly due to the importance of marriage in Vietnamese society. For Vietnamese women, marriage is paramount, much more than education. His age to marry oscillates between 20 and 27 years. The culture of Vietnam does not know that women stay single. As a result, they get pregnant at a very early age. Thus, apart from agricultural production, its main occupation is based on housework and education that children must receive.

What does XiuXiu do for women?

Much of the production of the XiuXiu postcards is carried out in Vietnam. There, the workers and the workers are in charge of the assembly of the postcards.
We want to increase the visibility of Vietnamese women to the workplace and to value their work, so that we work with suppliers where 90% of workers are women.
XiuXiu promotes principles of fair trade and wants to give its workers the security and stability that anyone needs in their work and value their work every day. XiuXiu is training between 6 and 12 months. In this the team can learn everything that involves making the postcards and feeling part of a project.
It is important that we respect theirculture, so that at the moment you request maternity leave, we take care of having all the facilities so that it has decent conditions. In the same way, they have a salary higher than the country’s average in their sector.
In XiuXiu we are lovers of paper, but one of the most pleasing is the role women play in our society.
Women working with the XiuXiu cards in Vietnam

The 10 principles of Fair Trade in XiuXiu

Fair trade is a way of understanding trade in which, above economic profit, the relationship between producers and consumers is thin. For XiuXiu fair trade is a way to contribute to the economic development of underdeveloped regions in Southeast Asia.
Some of the key points of our fair trade are:
  1. Voluntary labor and in no case less than legal age to work.
  2. Perception of a decent salary by the workers.
  3. Production in work days that respect vacations and periods of rest.
  4. Promotion of safety policies and prevention of occupational hazards.
  5. Right of the workers to associate and to syndicate freely.
  6. Existence of mixed bodies in companies where the voice of workers is respected.
  7. Recognition of workers’ right to collective bargaining with the company.
  8. Non-discrimination of workers by reason of sex, race, skin color, religion, etc.
  9. Respect for the environment during production processes.
  10. The producing companies are involved with the social development.

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