The 10 reasons why I have the best friend ever…

Today, June 8, we want to wish you a happy Best Friend’s Day.

1- Because something tells me that we will be mooolt of time together.

2- Because nobody tells me so surely: “It’s a terrible idea” and then adds: “At what time?”.

3- Because you are the best gift that could have given me life.

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4- Because you always know what to say to make me feel good.

5- Because our surname is “trust.”

6- Because when something goes wrong, you are the first person to think of it.

7- Because you are the one who is present in most of my “Remember when …?”

8- Because with you, I can show my feelings, that you will not judge me.

9- Because your hugs are pure energy.

10- Because yes, because I love you very much. Period.

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