The 5 inventions that will not leave you indifferent, nor to nature!

XiuXiu again! How is going this long weekend? We hope you are enjoying the maximum on this Monday, which is not only special for being festive in most of Catalonia, do you know what makes you important today? It’s the World Environment Day!!!

As always, a little bit of history to know what we celebrate: this celebration was founded by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1972, the same day that began the conferences of this entity on the Human Environment in Stockholm. Why? For neither more nor less than to promote awareness of the environment and intensify attention to the issue.

As we told you in the previous post, taking care of our environment is the basis of everything we do in XiuXiu. We take care of the people we love and for this we give them the best paper memory they can get and we take care of nature, using Japanese ecological paper with minimal environmental impact, certified by the Forest Stewarship Council.

Click here to know what nature has taught us.

Postal “Centre de Flors”

We make our designs thinking about nature and minimal ecological impact, but we are not the only ones. Attentive to the most curious inventions to take care of the planet:

  1. Morning coffee now prints

We already know the boom of 3D printers, but what if we turn the concept around? This was commissioned by the company 3DomFuel, which prints products based on beer, coffee or hemp. A good way to decrease the use of plastic.

Here you will find some consoles on how to save water.

  1. Threat in the shower

Are you one of those that when you shower your mom called you “turn off the water!”? Well, now you do not have to fight her. These tips you see below will swell as time passes and you do not move out of the shower. It would turn out to be a countdown, because there will come a time when, or you leave or you do not have space. Oh!

Here you will find some consoles on how to save water.

  1. If you want light, you have to win it

Maybe you are not what you spend a lot of time in the shower, but how is goiing the subject of spending energy to the dumb? This cradle, called “Murakami” will allow you to spend time and time reading your favorite books (at the same time you exercise, if you have everything!) Because it has a lamp together, it produces energy every time you walk away. So, if you fall asleep, you know, off and in the dark.

Cadira Murakami

If you do not have it yet, here are some other tips to save energy.

  1. It looks glittery, but it isn’t

Walk on this floor and you will feel an entire ecological diva. It is a pavement that absorbs the light of the sun throughout the day and the night, the reappears and illuminates there where we passed. It is designed for all surfaces, so we see a more than viable alternative to stop turning on the street lights (especially when it is not dark yet!)

  1. A good way to turn vice

In case you have not heard, smoking is very bad. But not only for your health, but for the amount of gases that are emitted or compounds of butts. But if you are one of those that you can not leave, we present a healthier option for everyone: CiggSeed. It is named because it is made with biodegradable filters of wild flowers. What does this mean? That when your cigarette degrades, the flower inside it will germinate.

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