Navigating, we have discovered the best find…

We take advantage of this special day to introduce you to the fastest, most resistant and prepared to sail the seas: the Drakkar!

Well, not all … Our boat will not be able to do all this, but it will draw the biggest smile you’ve ever had today when you give XiuXiu Drakkar to your favorite Vikings freak.

In XiuXiu we are like the Vikings… we also like the discoveries. For this reason, we have sailed the Internet seas seeking the best curiosity about the mythical series Vikings… Did you think that you knew everything? We tell you 10 curiosities that will leave you with your mouth open.

1- Ragnar existed!

“The guardian of the fortress,” that is, Ragnar, really existed. It has been found in some Norse poetry that existed, but there are so few details about his biography that we wonder if it was really that personage feared by France and England of century IX.

2- I think we are not going well here

A Norwegian newspaper criticized the replica of the Uppsala Temple in the series. It really should have been in the mountains as they interpret it, but Uppland, a flat region.

3- Someone with a complex of Jesus Christ?

But this change of location was not the only error of the scene… Athelstan is crucified on this mountain, as if it were a habitual practice of torture at the time, but really the crucifixions were forbidden by the Emperor constant since the fourth century. Fail?

4- It’s not an ordinary gift

The Vikings liked drakkars as much as we did. They even venerated them as that important Viking for the community, incinerated them in boats built for the occasion, setting fire to the ship and sending them to the sea. We recommend not setting fire to our Drakkar, but you do give it to someone special, you have already seen that it was not a gift either.

5- Don’t despise them… 

This that the Vikings did not know where the west was (where Great Britain and Ireland, locations of conquest by the protagonists of the series) is not true. In fact, the “real” Vikings had trade routes along the North Sea.

6- “To arms!”

It did not seem strange the use they make of the swords to the series? Well, it’s that the Vikings really fought the shields as their main weapon. It is true that they used swords, but they were very rare in the struggles of this community.

7- If we do it, we do it well

Not only were they based on Ragnar to play real characters, but the character of Rollo is the royal Viking Hrolf, who conquered Normandy.

8- Now you can boast of tattoo

Give thanks to the Vikings for this beautiful tattoo that you wear … because they were the ones who spread the tattoos. This practice was born of the Celts and the Slavs, spreading throughout Europe with the years.

9- Be careful, don’t get caught…

Lovers of Ladgerda, who knows that she is not only a warrior to the series! Katheryn Winnick, who plays the role of this fighter, really has a black belt in taekwondo and karate.

10- Rebls, but respectful

The impressive ships called drakkar owe their name to the beast they carried at the bow of the boat. The pagan laws prevented the use of dragons’ heads to the ships, but the Vikings, who were in the line of rebellion and respect, put them equally and only dismantled their heads when they reached holy lands, to prevent the spirits Protectors of the earth felt threatened.

Do you have more facts about Vikings? We are looking forward to hearing it!!!


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