What the nature taught us…

Today we are celebrating! What day is today? Well, nothing less than the European Day of Natural Parks.

This celebration is a homage promoted by the Europarc Federation, commemorating the declaration of the first European national park in Sweden on May 24, 1909. On this special day, it is already tradition to promote support for these protected areas.

And we also want to add to this wonderful celebration! In XiuXiu we believe that it’s essential to take care of everything that surrounds us, such as family, friends, couples… and that’s why we make memories on paper. But we follow this maxim in everything we do, and that’s why we also take care of nature by using a Japanese ecological role with minimal environmental impact, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

All these values ​​are present in XiuXiu cards, but there’s one that means a lot for us, and that is the “Tree of Life” card. For having been born nothing less than one of the most beautiful natural parks we have in Catalonia: the Natural Park of Montseny. Because we have Catalonia full of trees of life!

Postal Arbre de la Vida

On a weekend of those in which Anna needed to rest her mind, she decided to take a quiet walk through the Natural Park of Montseny, without intending to get there anywhere. In a break from his energetic walk, he took a picture of one of the many oaks that he had, capturing some of his details. At that moment, Anna realized how well this park walk had been, how she had helped her clarify the ideas and how important it was to disconnect from routine, move away from great buildings of the city and lose yourself without direction, appreciating the tranquility of small details. Losing the direction is to find direction again, and these temporary losses give life once in a while when you need to disconnect. When he got home, by reviewing the photographs he had made that day, it was impossible not to smile at the one that showed the oak where he had sat down for a rest. At that time, he called it “the tree of life”.

And we take advantage of this very special day to encourage you to look, like Anna did that day, to dedicate time to yourselves and above all… to devote time to appreciate what we have and what gives us life, as it’s nature.


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