Are you worthy of the Iron Throne? Test yourself!

XiuXiu to all!

Today Thursday 25th of May we are celebrating again, because today is… Freak’s Pride Day!!!

You will be thinking: “if I am freak every day of the year”, but to be celebrated today is a very special occasion: the same day, in 1977 the first film was released for the first time of what would be the most viewed saga of the history.

So, happy day! And as it is also our day, we did not want to finish it without presenting the XiuXiu cards more freaks.

But not only that… we want to test: Do you think you deserve the Iron Throne? ⚔ Tell how many of these 10 trivia you knew about Game of Thrones.

1- Do you imagine the seven kingdoms of Game of thrones led by turtles? As the turtles of Martin, the author of Game of Thrones were the inspiration for history. Inside the miniature castle of the aquarium, Martin fantasized about the wars that declared their turtles, because all of them were dying.


2- One season needs about 3,000 different dresses. Hardly anything, eh?


3 – Queen Elisabeth refused to sit on the Iron Throne because there is a law prohibiting sitting on a throne of a different region. And you… do you dare sit on the XiuXiu Throne?


4- Have you ever wondered what all the blood that seems so real is? It’s spicy sauce! And you need eight laaaarge bottles for each season.


5- And following with the blood… do you remember the heart that is eaten the Khaleesi to prove that his son would be a strong person? What really ate was 3kg of candy. What an embarrassment!


6- Do you remember the beloved Talisa Maegyr, the beloved Robb Stark? As it is its original name is Talisa Maegyr… It sounds to you? Effectively. She is the granddaughter of the mythical Charles Chaplin.


7- And of Lady, the wolf of Sansa Stark in the series? Because he took so much affection that she adopted it in real life.


8- I see, I see… What do you see? Gandalf’s sword from the Lord of the Rings to the Iron Throne. Yes, among all the plastic swords they had to create, we find this wink to another of the sagas that has mobilized the masses. Can you find it in our XiuXiu card?


9- The famous “Hold the door” was a subject of dispute between the fans. And is that… how they played with this play on words when they found to double the series to Spanish? The doublers had to resort to the word “gate” to make a derivation that would help them move from the phrase “Sujeta el portón” to “Hodor”. It will be true that the language sometimes puts obstacles…


10- George R.R. Martin sent a letter to Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Lannister in the series) in which he said: “Congratulations on your wonderful performance. Now everyone hates you.

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